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Pokemon 468

Hi, my Name is Taylor, and I am nine years old. When I grow up, I want to design Play Station and Computer games. I like to play with Legos. I like to play with Pokemon cards, too! And check out some of my drawings and links below.

I've started to add some of my drawings to my page. Click Here to Check Them Out!!!


I've got MEW codes!

a. Trade a Pokemon to a character in the game, NOT a real person (we suggest someone in the lab on CINNABAR ISLAND)
b. Go to the east coast of CINNIBAR ISLAND (FLY there immediately if you've traded somewhere else)
c. SURF up and down along the coast
d. Ignore the MissingNo. Pokemon, he'll mess up your game
e. After a long while of SURFing and meeting Pokemon, it is rumored that you'll encounter Mew!
f. Catch her or put her to sleep before she TRANSFORMs during her first turn, or she'll just be a Ditto.
Buy the MAGICARP from the man who sells it near Mt. Moon. Leave it at the pokemon breeder's building until it is in level 50. Get it out (which will be expensive) and it will evolve into Mew.

Taylor's List of Links

Check out this Santa Claus site!
Play lots of Christmas games here.
Here is the official Lego site!
Shows you tips and tricks!
Here's my Mom's website to visit!
And my Dad has one, too!
Check them out.
Link to Sega website
Link to Playstation website
Cartoon Network
Nickelodeon's Website
Zoog Disney!
Lots of cool games
Bid on and Sell your Pokemon cards here!

This is my Sega Genesis game, Sonic the Hedgehog 2...

And I can get to the last level. You get to fly on a plane. Miles or Tails flies you. When you get to Robotnik's big plane, you have to jump on it, then you have to go down and jump across a few things. Then you have to get to the top and jump on a button. Then, beat Robotnik's machine and helicopter that drops bombs on you. You have to hit the last guy eight times, and he looks like a big fat guy.

You can email me at my Mom's and Dad's email address and they will give me the message!

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